Liver problem

Can I donate my liver?

What is the treatment for fatty liver?


Liver problem

Q. One year back the doctors did a skin test for my husband, and the reading they found was 10. He had taken BCG in chilhood. So the doctors advised him to take preventive medicine for TB since the reading said he was exposed. After a week they took a blood sample of him and it was found that the count of the liver enzymes were very high. So they immediately stopped that and started doing blood test every month. First they said it might be Hepatitis A, and after sometime they said that he might be suffering from Hepatitis E. But they did not give him any medicine. They said for liver problem they would not recommend any medicine. We started giving him low fat, low protein diet etc. After few months the count reduced. Again last month when his blood test was done, they found he is having cholesterol problem (high LDL & low HDL) and the liver count has increased. These are like: ALT:155 units Alk Phosphatase:137 units Now they do not know why this has happened. They might be doing liver CT scan etc. Can you please suggest me what I should do in this situation? I am concerned since I am afraid that some his liver has been damaged. He does not take alcohol and does not smoke.

A. I understand your dilemma, but you would realize that the information you have sent is not in a form that I can offer advice. I would like to make some queries and comments as follows:

1. TB test: I do not know why this test was done in the first place. Did your husband have fever then? And did he continue to have it when the preventive medicine for TB (what that means exactly should also be included in your email)? Ordinarily positive skin test has no meaning and does not need treatment. So the decison to treat might have been taken due to some other reasons I do not know.

2. I presume that he has continuously been having high enzyme levels, in which case I would want to see a date wise chart. If so, the possibilities are TB medicine itself, hepatitis B and hepatitis C. Have these possibilities been considered. It would help if I get an access to a case summary that your doctor could prepare and let you have for despatch to us.

3. It would help to know where exactly are you geographically located to assess what kind of medical facilities you might be offered. I would await to hear more about your husband's condition which is important to settle quickly.


Can I donate my liver?

Q. My blood group is A+, can I donate my liver or can doctors help me regenerate the liver inside my body by taking out some portion of it? Will that help me with my problem? Is it not going to help the other person who would be receiving some portion of my liver?

A. No you cannot donate. Unrelated donation is illegal.


What is the treatment for fatty liver?

Q. I am a 46y old male (weight 105 kg) hypertensive. A few days back I had a cancer health check up which included a surgical and medical examination plus certain tests. The whole abdomen and pelvis sonography accidently revealed fatty infiltration of the liver. Four years ago I had psoriasis and had taken Methotrixin for several weeks after which I was cured. I have fullness of stomach, gas and acidity problem. Kindly enlighten me about the treatment. Rest of the reports are normal. I walk briskly for 50 minutes daily and do dieting. I am non-alcoholic and non diabetic. Can you suggest some treatment/precautions to control the fatty liver and also whether it can lead to any complications in future?

A. A fatty liver can be due to lot of causes but in your case it probably is

related to your weight. The methotrexate that you had for your psoriasis is

not cause of the fatty liver now. Fat is stored in the body in obvious places

but also goes to the liver.

The treatment in your case would be to lose weight as there are no tablets

that will help this situation. Your question about the complications is an

interesting one and is still under much debate. It used to be thought that

it would have no consequences for the future but nowadays it is felt that it

may be damaging and in an extreme case may eventually lead to cirrhosis. The

best thing that you could do is to continue your exercising but also to make

a firm attempt to lose weight.