How long should I wait to conceive after taking an MMR shot? 

Q. I received vaccinations for MMR and Hepatitis B 4 weeks ago. Shortly after receiving the shot, my gynaecologist told me that I should have my children soon, because I am developing cervical cancer and they want to do an evasive procedure. I was going to wait for 8 weeks before getting pregnant. But due to this I will be able to wait only for 6 weeks before trying. Will the baby be OK in spite of me receiving the MMR shot 6 weeks ago? I have heard that one should wait at least for 3 months before conceiving. Should I get my titre drawn to see my level? Will my child suffer from autism due to the MMR shot taken by me? Please advise.

A. It would be desirable to wait for 3 months. No, your child will NOT be predisposed to develop autism because you received the vaccination.